About us

Usinage Laquerre


Usinage Laquerre et fils is specialized – but not limited to – the conception and retail of diamond drilling and mining products. Since we are very versatile, other projects do not scare us. We have many satisfied customers in the commercial and industrial fields. Our welding department allows us to construct your many projects – simple or more complex. With the addition of the Black Diamond Drilling product line, we can now service well diggers as well as construction companies.

Our team

We all have in common the desire to develop strategies and surpass new challenges. We would like to introduce you to our management team that is always there to serve you.

Stéphan Laquerre


Richard Lantagne

Vice president – sales representative

Katy Laquerre

Finance director

Brian Carrier

Welding supervisor

Steve Mainville

Machining supervisor

Alain Lamontagne

Diamond products sales representative and technical advisor



Founded by Mr. Guylain Laquerre in 1996, Usinage Laquerre & Fils inc. able to grow and stand by the quality of hits products and of its service. From 1996 to 2005, we increased the area twice, from 1200 to 14 000 square feet, in order to meet the high demand.

Since 2016, Mr. Lauquerre decided to take a well-deserved retirement. With a team of new dynamic leaders, the company has reached new heights with it’s new products and services.

In 2018 Usinage Laquerre et fils became exclusive distributors for Black Diamond Drilling, in order to cater to the needs of an new clientele – well diggers and construction contractors.

We also have two expert consultants available to help you select the best products and techniques for all your needs. And always available, is our custom welding and machining services to satisfy a big range of sectors.