Usinage Laquerre


We offer a custom-made service, for industrial, commercial and personal clientele.

By combining both our drafting and assembling services, we are able to provide planning, conception and assembling of your project, whatever size they may be. Our qualified personnel may also be of assistance to repair your existing equipment.

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Our services

Technical support for drilling

We would like to introduce you to our team of technical experts in their field

Alain Lamontagne


After many years in the field, Alain has become an expert in the sale of drilling equipment. You can always count on him for advice on which part is required for the job you have to do. Specialized in diamond drilling products, he has excellent knowledge of different terrains and overburden. You are certain to have a cordial and personalized expert service.

François Gagnon


With more than 20 years experience in the diamond drilling field, François can help you find solutions most adapted to you needs, and give you advice in the choice of your equipment, for either surface or underground drilling.